Hacker News Redesign

This is motivated by Hacker News Redesign (HN discussion) by @hilapeleg. It was a great looking design and I too wanted to spend a couple of hours redesigning Hacker News. Here’s the chrome extension to try it.

Redesign 2

Update 1

  • Number of points and comments moved to left
  • Icon to replace word comment
  • Slightly larger font size for link title

This was the old version Redesign

I am a developer and have no experience with design tools. So I started off changing HTML and CSS and ended up writing a small chrome extension that applies this redesign on the HN front page. My redesign is more like an improvement in rather than a complete redesign.

I used bootstrap for it’s grid system and navigation bar.



I feel the font size on Hacker News is way too small. In fact I always have the site...

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